Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

We brought you news a few weeks ago that Andy Coulson had set up a new PR consultancy and its first client is a forum for future world leaders.

Now documents from Companies House show that Coulson and his wife Eloise set up the business from their south London home. It was incorporated on February 7. Read more

Lord Young is in the news again today and back on form, slamming Nick Clegg’s proposals to extend paternity leave before the deputy prime minister is even out of the blocks.

While the small business lobby will be cheering on their champion, I find myself more fascinated by another story that came out of our interview with the peer (published in today’s FT). It is the fact that Lord Young’s youngest daughter Judith is expecting her first child in a couple of weeks — at the age of 51.

David Cameron’s former business adviser, who has five grandchildren by his elder daughter Karen, is clearly delighted by this minor miracle. And so too I expect is Judith. Read more