Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

While all eyes are on one Huhne, his namesake Geoff – give or take a bit of spelling – is finding new pastures in the corporate world. The former defence secretary, who was ensnared in a Dispatches sting (saying he would use his contacts to find employment in the private sector*) is off to work for AgustaWestland, the helicopter company. Here is the full story on ft.com.

Hoon was in charge of the MoD in 2005 when it awarded a £1bn contract to Westland to buy “Future Lynx” choppers, an agreement that saved thousands of British jobs. Read more

Chris Huhne is set to make a statement on the fourth carbon budget tomorrow (Tuesday), but I’m told it will be a written statement, probably mid-afternoon. That would mean the beleaguered energy secretary being able to avoid the House of Commons.

Labour are set to up the ante by calling on Huhne to attend Parliament for this important environmental announcement. They will provide the transport if necessary, the opposition party says. (This is of course a reference to Huhne’s spot of bother re driving penalty points.) Apparently Meg Hillier, Huhne’s shadow, will make an announcement to this effect later today. Read more