Daily Archives: May 19, 2011

Essex Police say that there has been no change in their position re Chris Huhne and his alleged speeding offence. A spokesman said a complaint was made on May 13 and it was referred on May 16 to its serious crime directorate. “The inquiry has been underway since then, the investigation is ongoing,” he said just now.

They have put up a press notice on their website this afternoon. Read more

UPDATE: There are claims on Twitter that the injunction has been lifted; in fact it has only been partially lifted, as the Guardian explains.

Fresh details of the draconian injunction protecting Sir Fred Goodwin, former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland were exposed on Thursday by a peer on the floor of the House of Lords.

Lord Stoneham*, speaking on behalf of Lord Oakeshott, used parliamentary privilege to argue that every taxpayer had a direct public interest in the events leading up to the collapse of RBS, which only survived with a £20bn taxpayer bailout.

“So how can it be right for a super-injunction to hide the alleged relationship between Sir Fred Goodwin and a senior colleague,” he said. “If true it would be a serious breach of corporate governance and not even the Financial Services Authority would know about it.” Read more