The departure of Baroness Neville-Jones

Security minister Baroness (Pauline) Neville-Jones has stepped down from the government “at her own request”, Downing Street has said.

She was appointed to head the Conservative Party’s security policy group in 2006 and took up her ministerial appointment in May 2010. That means she has served in government for barely a year.

In a letter to David Cameron, she said it had been a “privilege” to serve; she will take up a new role working with businesses to boost their cyber security.

Alex has just spoken to the Baroness, who does not seem to be departing in anything other than amicable circumstances*. She told him that she had achieved what she wanted in the role and would now prefer to do more “strategic” work elsewhere.

Here is a link to Alex’s FT magazine piece from a while back where he interviewed various former Foreign Office staff about the ministry’s old bar on female workers getting married; her comments are particularly interesting.

* Let’s wait and see if there was more to it