Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

We wrote this morning on page 3 of the FT about the drying-up of private and invidual donations to Labour in the six months to March 31. (ie the period covering Ed Miliband’s leadership). Part of the issue is that the party has no policy platform – given all policy is up in the air for two years – and therefore little to offer business other than criticism of the coalition. The other is that political donors are often rather fickle. Here is more of our analysis.

The crucial calculation we made was to look at donations for the same period for all of the last decade – excluding the two general election years. In a typical six-month period Labour used to get about £2.4m a year. This time it only received a tenth of that figure. Read more

You would think so: judging by this morning’s headlines: “Cable: I’ll use law to curb union power“, “Cable warns restive unions of fresh laws against strikes“, “Cable warns of legal clampdown on strikes” and so on.

Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB, called Cable’s strike an “insult to working people“: but had he actually read the whole thing? Read more