“Not off the hook” admits Chris Huhne

I’ve just returned from watching Chris Huhne emitting some thoughts about air pollution at the environmental audit committee. His most memorable observation;

Sometimes I wish carbon emissions were bright pink because it would make it easier for people to deal with the issue.”

There was also a lot of chat about carbon targets, carbon budgets and so on. Huhne commented:

“We need to move off the fossil fuel hook.”

Okay, so my headline may have mislead some of you, eager for news of the police investigation into Huhne’s alleged driving offence. The Crown Prosecution Service last week was sent preliminary files from the police.

But within government there is a hardening belief that Huhne is home and dry, according to one senior figure I spoke to today. I’ve no idea whether this person has heard from the horse’s mouth – or merely read this article from the Daily Telegraph suggesting Huhne is “unlikely to face charges” after detectives were unable to find CCTV evidence. The Telegraph is usually very reliable on stories involving politicians and police.

Watching Huhne taking questions about his department was a reminder of what a smooth operator he is; the man has shown an ability to carry on the day job – with an icy detachment - despite his turbulent private life.