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This is what happened to BSkyB’s shares just after the government announced it would back Labour’s motion on Wednesday calling for Rupert Murdoch to abandon his bid for the shares in the company he does not already own:

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And now for the big story of the day…

A row has been rumbling since the beginning of the year between cabinet ministers Iain Duncan Smith and Eric Pickles about $4.8bn worth of benefits.

To recap: Last year’s spending review decided the government should localise council tax rebates, giving councils the right to cut rebates for poorer residents and use the money instead on tax cuts or service provision. But that could lead some low-earners paying an effective tax rate of 90 per cent, something IDS worries will undermine the incentive to work that he is trying to create through the single universal credit. IDS wants instead to roll council tax benefits into the universal credit so it reflects claimants’ earning status. Read more

This live blog was published on Tuesday July 12th.

Sue Akers

Sue Akers

MPs on the home affairs select committee questioned senior members of the Metropolitan police service about phone hacking. This morning, John Yates and Andy Hayman were both questioned. Sue Akers, in charge of Operation Weeting, the current investigation into hacking, was the last to testify.

14.25: Akers has now finished. She had a much smoother ride than Hayward or Yates – unsurprisingly given her investigation is ongoing.

Here is the final roundup of what happened today:

  • Yates admitted he spent only eight hours reviewing the 11,000 documents collated by the first investigation when deciding not to review it. He admitted “there was an element” of doing the bare minimum of work when making this decision;
  • Yates refused to bow to calls for his resignation, saying he played a “tiny part” int he whole affair;
  • Hayman rebutted claims he refused to push his investigation further because News International journalists had details of an affair he was having, calling the allegation “terribly grubby”;
  • Hayman said his role as a columnist for The Times did not reflect on his role as a policeman, saying it had been a “boyhood dream” to be a journalist;
  • Operation Weeting, the current investigation into hacking, will contact all the 4,000 people who appear in the notebook of Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator previously used to hack phones by the News of the World. But only 170 have so far been contacted.

That’s the end of our live blog

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