Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

It’s quite risky for a Tory minister to attack the National Trust, given the overlapping membership of the two tribes.

But today Greg Clark denounces the Trust as “not serious” for making “risible” claims about the impact of the coalition’s new planning policy. He also condemns those who seek to “preserve in aspic” their communities as being guilty of “nihilistic selfishness“.

The planning minister told Beth Rigby and I that more homes are needed to address the “crisis” in terms of a housing shortage in the UK, with fewer new properties built last year than for the last half-century.

There is a “moral” imperative to get more homes built, he argues:

“It is one of the great social injustices that we are failing to provide enough housing, particularly at an affordable level of rent.”

Clark is a serious politician, with a likely cabinet future – he was in the shadow cabinet Read more