Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

Caroline Lucas’ speech to Green Party members in Sheffield today was noticeable for its relative lack of focus on the environment.

Instead, she launched a broadside against the coalition, accusing the government of damaging the economy and exacerbating social inequality.

It’s a theme that chimed with the members themselves, who have been telling me that their absolute priority, much like the rest of the country, is the economy. Read more

Parliament isn’t even in recess yet but already party conference season has begun.

Today, the Green party gathers in Sheffield for its annual get together. Why Sheffield? Possibly because it’s the (adopted) home city of Nick Clegg, whom Green leader Caroline Lucas intends to mock in her speech this afternoon, branding him “The minister for meeting angry people and getting shouted at”.

This is part of a concerted effort, it seems, to win over disaffected Lib Dem voters. She says to Lib Dem voters:

I have a special message for those of them who despair about the path their leadership has taken them down. If you became involved in politics to serve your local community, or to challenge the rich and powerful, or build a better future for the country, then join us.

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