Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Having not seen Ed Miliband’s conference speech (for next week) I can only guess what’s in it; but the broad assumption in Labour circles is that their leader will try to cement his strategy of backing ordinary people against “Big Interests”.

The tactic worked impressively well during the hacking scandal, when Miliband took on News International (admittedly, when the cracks in the Murdoch empire were already visible). We have since seen similar talk against big energy companies and the most irresponsible banks. Many of Ed’s advisers think the dots can be joined up across other sectors to create a binding philosophy.

But Nick Clegg, doing his conference speech this afternoon, is already ploughing some very similar furrows.

Take this line: “That’s why we speak up, first and loudest, when the establishment lets the people down.”There could hardly be a more clear statement of intent to plonk the Lib Dems in Miliband’s territory.

Clegg talks about “a new economy run for ordinary people rather than big finance”. He will promise to “act for the whole nation”.

“In our long, proud liberal history, we have never served; the media moguls, the union barons or the bankers. We do not serve, and we will never serve, vested interests. We are in nobody’s pocket”.

Clegg goes on to say that various establishment institutions have been exposed one by one: “The City of London, shattered by the greed of bankers. The media, corrputed by phone hacking. Parliament, shamed by expenses.”

Miliband’s speechwriting team must be looking on askance, wondering how they can Read more

When  Julian Astle – former director of CentreForum – arrives in Downing Street in a few months time there will be one very familiar face amid the welcoming party.

Astle, who is covering for Polly Mackenzie as deputy director of strategy, used to work for Lord Ashdown in the Balkans – when the former Lib Dem leader was High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more