Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

No doubt there will be a mini internal inquest today within Cameron’s team over why his flagship speech included an exhortation to the general public to pay off their credit cards.

The clear implication of a prime minister asking the public to stop spending – at a time of a potential double-dip recession – was not lost on anyone today. Cameron was also under pressure from those who did not like the sight of a millionaire “lecturing them” (in the words of Ed Balls) over managing their household finances. And meanwhile GDP growth for the second quarter has been downgraded to a feeble 0.1 per cent. Read more

One of the dogs that didn’t bark this week was the planning row between the National Trust et al and the government. Those expecting more sound and fury over the “national planning policy framework” have been left disappointed.

There have instead been hints at reconciliation and compromise: the Times reported that the planning document will be softened;  Building magazine suggests there will be a transition period; elsewhere ministers say they do prefer brownfield to greenfield sites after all. Read more