Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

The Ministry of Defence has issued to the Guardian  excerpts from Liam Fox’s diary from November last year up until last month showing a range of meetings with Adam Werrity, ranging from excursions in to the MoD and social get-togethers, to his attendance at conferences abroad and departures on holiday with the secretary of state.

Also coming out of Whitehall is the text of a letter setting out the interim findings of the permanent secretary Ursula Brennan’s inquiry into the defence secretary’s meetings with Mr Werritty. Read more

While everyone in Westminster has their eyes glued to the Commons today, waiting for Liam Fox to answer questions about his links with Adam Werrity, there is some real old-school politics going on just down the corridor.

All day, peers have been locked in a series of meetings with whips and advisers from all three parties bending their ear on the health bill, which enters the Lords on Tuesday. Read more

Hank Paulson had his bazooka plan, now David Cameron has gone one step further, calling for a “big bazooka” approach to tackling the eurozone crisis.

Cameron calls for five things:

  1. Recapitalisation of eurozone banks
  2. More money for the eurozone bailout fund
  3. Greece’s economic future to be clarified
  4. The IMF to pressurise countries to do more to tackle the crisis
  5. The deepening of the single market and improved eurozone governance

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