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Over at the Spectator blog, Fraser Nelson makes a heartfelt defence of Liam Fox, suggesting the defence secretary has made “full disclosure“: ordinary people are asking “what the big deal is“, he suggests. Perhaps. But others may want answers to some or all of the following questions:

1] Was it a co-incidence that Adam Werritt was a “health adviser” when Liam Fox was Tory health spokesman? And again that he was a defence adviser when Fox became Tory defence spokesman and then defence secretary?

2] When Liam Fox said that Werritty was “not dependent on any transactional behaviour to maintain his income” what did it actually mean in plain English?

3] Werritty has run six companies over the last decade – but they have only made £20,000 in profits over that period. Why were they set up? What did they actually do?

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It did seem too much to ask that the mandarin known as GOD (for his initials, supposedly) would be replaced by one mere mortal.

Instead when Sir Gus O’Donnell will leave the Civil Service at the end of the year – as was announced this morning- the job will be divided into three.* Read more

Peers begin debating the NHS reform bill on Tuesday in the House of Lords. The big worry for the government is that they will vote for the Owen/Hennessy amendment, which would refer the bill to a separate committee for further consultation, delaying its passage by several months.

Earl Howe, a health minister, met Lord Owen yesterday as they tried to bash out a compromise, but the talks failed and Lords Owen and Hennessy tabled their amendment as planned, with one minor tweak: that the new committee should report by December 19, rather than next February.

The government is not taking this lightly. Earl Howe sent a letter to peers just 20 minutes before today’s debate started. The letter shows just how concerned minister are about the prospect of such a delay. Here are the key passages: Read more

The Ministry of Defence last night put out a list of 40 meetings between Werritty and Fox which include 18 overseas and 22 in London.

Those abroad are:

4-6 June 2010: Singapore: conference attendance . Adam Werritty attended Dialogue.

7-8 June 2010: Abu Dhabi & Dubai: Meeting with goverment representatives. Adam Werritty present in Dubai on personal business. Not present in any official meetings

2-3 July 2010: Tampa, Florida: Meetings at CentCom, Adam Werritty not present. Adam Werritty present at SofS’s informal dinner (3 July) with COMCENTCOM (COMISAF Desig) General Allen in steakhouse Read more