Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

Liam Fox, former defence secretary

Liam Fox

There was an intriguing report this morning on civilsociety.co.uk (no, me neither, but stick with me) about a technical, but significant change to the way in which the Charity Commission investigates charities.

According to the report, Kenneth Dibble, the commission’s head of legal services, told an audience of charity lawyers that it would stop carrying out so-called “regulatory compliance investigations” – the type of inquiry that snared Atlantic Bridge, the charity set up by Liam Fox and  run by Adam Werritty.

The commission found earlier this year that Atlantic Bridge’s activites were more political than charitable, and rather than face the consequences of that (such as having to pay more tax), the charity shut down. Read more

I wrote back in May that the government was dragging its heels over a statutory register of lobbyists - and that ministers hoped to legislate next year after a lengthy consultation. The issue is now back on the agenda after Foxgate.

But one Lib Dem source has told today’s Guardian that there has been some resistance. In a candidate for ironic quote of the week, he said: Read more