Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Cathy Newman over at Channel 4′s Fact Check has been saying for a while that David Cameron’s figures on private sector job creation are wrong. And he repeated the claim again today:

There are half a million more private sector jobs compared with the time of the last election.

So is Cameron right? Almost certainly not. The truth is that more than half a million private sector jobs have been created since the beginning of April 2010. But that was before the last election. Read more

Even Europhile economists must have pricked up their ears at the offer of £250,000 to the person who comes up with the best plan for winding up the euro. Only the Nobel offers a more valuable bounty to the dismal scientists.

But whatever you think of the goal, is the Wolfson Economics Prize – offered by Lord Wolfson, the youthful, Eurosceptic, Conservative chief executive of Next, the UK retailer – the best way to achieve it? These days, bright business ideas often emerge through collaboration, rather than competition.

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My colleague Mark Odell reveals today that the new transport secretary is expected to announce this week who has won the first rail franchise award since the general election. Three bidders are up for the Greater Anglia network, he reports.

But for those with an interest in Britain’s rail system the award will tell us little about where the government is going in terms of rail policy as the announcement comes while the department is still formulating its position – a process that appears to be taken longer than originally envisaged, according to my colleague.

This week’s agreement doesn’t seem to fit into the coalition’s desire for longer, Read more