Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Glenn Beck, the controversial US commentator who quit Fox News this summer, has express support for Monday’s Eurosceptic rebellion in the House of Commons.

Those who wish to consolidate their power even further have united globally. It is time for freedom lovers to understand that tyranny and the ‘spontaneous’ movements around the globe are uniting. Read more

Ed Miliband’s interventions on Europe have a habit of serving only to bring David Cameron closer to his own backbenchers on the issue. On Monday, as Tory rebels lined up in their dozens to defy Cameron on an EU referendum, Miliband was the only one who managed to restore harmony on the Tory benches, uniting them in laughter when he said:

Apparently president Sarkozy – until recently his new best friend – had had enough of the posturing, lecturing and know-it-all ways. Let me say, Mr President, you spoke not just for France but for Britain as well.

At PMQs on Wednesday, a similar thing happened. Miliband had some good lines, including telling saying Cameron “was pleading with his backbenchers instead of leading for Britain in Europe”.

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