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Rather a strong question in the heading, you might think. But when YouGov asked thousands of people about the characteristics of our national leaders the replies were striking.

Asked whether leaders were “strong” the replies were Cameron 18 per cent, Ed Miliband 7 per cent and Nick Clegg4 per cent.

On “good in a crisis“, it was Cameron 13 per cent, Miliband 4 per cent and Clegg 3 per cent.

In touch with ordinary people” produced a different result with Cameron on 8 per cent, Miliband on 21 per cent and Clegg on 11 per cent. (Miliband was also slightly ahead on ‘honest‘).

As for “natural leader“, Cameron was on 17 per cent with Miliband and Clegg both tied on 5 per cent.

The most striking angle is not who comes out with the most popular personality but just how low the scores are throughout; suggesting the low regard with which our political leaders are held.

With eight positive characteristics to choose from, 58 per cent of those surveyed – when asked to describe Nick Clegg – replied “none of these”.

More broadly, Labour – who might be expected to do well out of the government’s economic difficulties – appears to be treading water in the polls. Sunday’s ICM poll Read more

A British protester burns an EU flag

A British protester burns an EU flag

Two sources who would know have told members of our political team that the chances of having a referendum on EU membership this parliament are very low indeed.

One ruled it out altogether, the other said the “number one priority” of coalition policy on Europe was  not to have one.

David Cameron pretty much guaranteed that today when he said there would only be a referendum “if a new treaty passes powers from UK to Brussels” adding:


As Prime Minister, I do not think the issue will arise.

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