Daily Archives: December 21, 2011

The news from the High Court in the last few minutes is bad for ministers in the energy department, with a ruling against the way in which cuts to solar subsidies were imposed. It is a victory for Friends of the Earth and two solar companies which launched the action – which are now likely to see a delay in the cuts.

Last month the government announced a halving of the feed-in tariff – which allows people to sell power back to the grid – after overwhelming demand from the public.

The move prompted a backlash from the industry because the speed with which it was imposed from the point of December 12. Solar companies also pointed out that the move was retrospective as the date was more than week before the supposed end of a consultation on the issue. These were the issues on which the court case was launched.

We may not get the full details of the High Court ruling until tomorrow but it is likely to provide relief for those companies which had millions of pounds of stock in Read more