Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

This may sound counter-intuitive given the Tory focus on the “Big Society”. But charities are shedding jobs much faster than the public sector, according to a survey published today.

Analysis of the Labour Force Survey, collated from ONS data, suggest that the voluntary sector now* employs 723,000 people – a fall of 70,000 over the previous 12 months. Read more

The FT splashes this morning with news that Cameron may be expected to increase Britain’s contributions to the International Monetary Fund – if other countries such as Japan and Brazil decide to increase their support for it to deal the eurozone crisis.

That would place the prime minister on another collision course with some of his most unruly backbenchers. Some 31 Tories rebelled by voting with Labour last July against plans to raise Britain’s potential contribution by £9bn from £10.7bn to £20bn. The country is now under pressure to increase this £9bn “headroom” to E30bn. Read more