Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

In his second answer at prime minister’s questions today, David Cameron asked a question of Ed Miliband:

As we are being kept here to vote on the publication of the NHS risk register, why don’t you ask a question about that?

It seemed like a strange tactic. Why would the prime minister, who has been ordered by the information commissioner to publish the document detailing the potential risks of his NHS bill, want to bring up the fact that he is refusing to comply? Surely this was a subject on which Labour, not the government, holds the upper hand?

Only after the prime minister had put the challenge several times did we find out why he was so keen to talk about it.  Read more

Liam Fox has been making waves this morning with this opinion piece in the Financial Times. Here is our news story off the back of it.

The intervention has been carefully timed by Fox, still in rehabilitation mode after he was forced to quit the cabinet over the Werritty saga before Christmas.

The MP is still a standard-bearer for the Tory right, in particular those who believe fervently in free markets. In his article he calls for a cut in National Insurance for employers and also for a loosening of the labour market to allow easier hiring and firing – as recommended in the controversial Beecroft report.

Many other Tory MPs share his view that the Budget needs to be a  Read more