Lord Glasman turns down Sun on Sunday column

The news broke yesterday that Lord Glasman had agreed to take up a political column on Rupert Murdoch’s new Sun on Sunday newspaper, along with Toby Young.

It was a curious decision for the Labour peer given how hard Miliband has attacked Murdoch over phone hacking.

The move appeared to cement the idea that Glasman had fallen out of the Labour leader’s inner circle after making some critical comments in a New Statesman article a few weeks ago. The perception in the Westminster village was that he had been hired to write insider-ey critical pieces about Miliband.

Now I can reveal that Glasman has turned down the column after all, after some private words with Miliband; perhaps they are still friends after all.

He has certainly given up a lot to stay in the Labour tent: I’m told he was set to receive over £1,000 per column.

UPDATE: News International sources insist that it was only going to be a trial article – although this could have led to more in the future.