Daily Archives: June 18, 2012

Lord Strathclyde, as leader of the Tories in the House of Lords, is a pivotal figure in attempts to achieve reform of the upper House – a key aim of the Lib Dems in government.

So when Strathclyde tells Total Politics magazine today that he thinks the chances of Lords reform succeeding are “50/50″ it is worth paying attention. He adds: “We have always said that the Lords is not going to be reformed with a proper electoral mandate unless there is a consensus between the parties…if Labour supports the legislation it will go through and we will have elections in 2015.”

Strathclyde also made the 50/50 comment in the FT a few weeks ago in an interview where he said that using the Parliament Act to force through the reforms amounted to a “nuclear option” – not exactly an endorsement of the idea.

Strathclyde knows perfectly well that Labour’s current plan is to let the legislation through the House of Commons in the next Parliamentary session but then sit back as Labour Read more