Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

A report is coming out on Tuesday suggesting that councils are facing a doomsday scenario with cash cuts of 90 per cent by 2020 to services such as roads, libraries, leisure centres and parks.

The LGA has done the research to co-incide with its annual conference and the findings are stark. Unless there is reform of social care – perhaps under the Dilnot system – councils are heading for some existential decisions about what they can provide.

The chart shows neatly the problem faced by councils: The LGA anticipates that the main council grant will be cut by around 30 per cent in next year’s comprehensive spending review. (It is already being sliced by 28 per cent during the current Parliament). Read more

During the prime minster’s speech today he castigated the unfair system whereby families were punished if their child got a job:

“If a family living on benefits wants their adult child to stay living at home they are actually penalised – as soon as that child does the right thing and goes out to work”.

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