Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

One of the questions being asked about yesterday’s Treasury questions, during which George Osborne announced he would freeze the planned fuel tax rise, was: “How did Ed Balls know?”

The shadow chancellor had written an opinion piece in the Sun just that morning arguing for such a move: coincidence, prescience, or had he been tipped off? Whatever the answer, Labour’s early move in calling for the government to reverse its initial refusal to cut fuel tax has meant blunted any credit ministers would have like to take from the move.

That was clear today during prime minister’s questions, when Tory MPs seemed muted in their cheers when Cameron said:

Why not get up an congratulate the government for being on the side of the motorist and the people who work hard and do the right thing?

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Members of the House of LordsAfter weeks of shadow boxing, ministers are finally publishing their proposals on reforming the House of Lords today. They include an 80 per cent elected chamber, filled with 450 part-time “senators”, elected by regional list.

Tory backbenchers are already up in arms, threatening rebellion and, in the case of some ministerial aides, resignation. Conor Burns, PPS to Owen Paterson, said this morning:

If I lose my job for something that was a mainstream view within the Conservative party within the last parliament, which serving cabinet ministers held as their view, so be it.

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