Daily Archives: August 31, 2012

David Cameron insisted at the start of August that he would press ahead with a vote next year on constituency boundary changes – despite Nick Clegg’s vow to block the measure.

It is a very sensible proposal and it will be put forward,” he declared, to widespread scepticism.

That firm line belies the belief in Tory circles that the boundary reforms – which would have helped the party’s chances at the next election – are now dead in the water. The plans were doomed the moment that the party abandoned Lords reform.

One rumour circulating right now is that Tory high command is already preparing to pick candidates for the next general election, as early as November, and that they will be on the old boundaries.

That would be interpreted widely as a signal of Cameron throwing in the towel.

I put the question to CCHQ which at first denied the theory and then refused to comment.

There is one argument as to why this would not necessarily mean Read more