Daily Archives: September 27, 2012

There are some questions that would be fatal for a serving British prime minister not to know the answer to. The composer of Rule Britannia is not one of them.

So while David Cameron may have joked to David Letterman last night that his career was now “ended” for getting that wrong, he should count himself lucky to have got through the US talk-show programme without any serious glitches.

The Letterman Show is not exactly Newsnight with Paxman – politicians are teased and prodded rather than skewered and grilled. But with 3m viewers, including most of the UK media, it was fairly risky for Cameron to become the first serving PM to go on the show.

Yes, he failed to identify Thomas Arne as composer of one of the big Last Night of the Proms anthems. (He incorrectly guessed Edward Elgar, who was around 150 years Read more