Daily Archives: October 9, 2012

David Cameron left the symphony hall in Birmingham’s ICC after Boris Johnson’s speech today beaming – and well he might. The prime minister’s most serious rival for the leadership of the Tory party had just delivered an admirably loyal speech – and while it was entertaining and funny, it did not raise the roof in the way Number 10 must have feared.

The London mayor began his speech in the best way possible if his aim was to damp down speculation about him challenging for the top job, with lavish and lengthy praise for the PM:

If we can win in the middle of a recession and wipe out a 17 point Labour poll lead then I know that David Cameron will win in 2015. [Addressing the PM directly] When the economy has turned around and people are benefiting in jobs and growth from the firm leadership you have shown and the tough decisions you have taken.

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The idea of swapping employment rights for shares in a company may sound like a great deal to some people; in particular those without dependents, or who feel completely secure in their jobs.

The unions say that this is some kind of devil’s pact – and that no amount of equity is worth trading your right to work. George Osborne, who announced this yesterday, would obviously disagree.

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