Daily Archives: April 29, 2013

Vince CableToday sees a fresh spat in the running war between Vince Cable and some of Britain’s biggest pub owners.

Last week, the business secretary launched a new statutory code of conduct which larger pub companies will have to sign up to. Cable said at the time:

In too many cases tenants are being exploited and squeezed, through a combination of unfair practices, lack of transparency and a focus on short-termism at the expense of the long-term sustainability of the sector.

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We brought the news this morning that communities which accept fracking projects could get lower energy bills in an attempt by the government to stop likely resistance to such schemes.

Several options to cajole rural England to accept the contentious drilling schemes are being discussed as ministers prepare to announce that shale gas reserves are much larger than previously estimated.

Fracking has transformed the US energy market, triggering a production boom that pushed gas prices to 10-year lows last year. Read more