Daily Archives: May 8, 2013

The Tories’ recent shift to the right has been attributed to the influence of Lynton Crosby, their new elections adviser, in response to the rise of Ukip. The anti-Brussels party won more than a fifth of the votes in last Friday’s local elections.

There is a certain irony here. I can reveal that Ukip wanted to hire Mr Crosby about a year ago to become their elections supremo. But the asking price, supposedly £350,000 a year – or the equivalent – would have been outside the reach of Mr Farage’s chequebook. (UPDATE: My mole now says it was £750,000, suggesting that one of us can’t read our own notes.Read more

It was an interesting tactic from Stephen Williams to use his “humble address” before the Queen’s Speech to make a remark about lobbyists in helping form the government’s programme. Talking about dropped plans to introduce a register of lobbyists and plain cigarette packaging, Williams said:

Some will conclude that the tobacco lobbyists will celebrate this as a double victory.

One lobbyist the Lib Dem MP may have been referring to is Lynton Crosby, Cameron’s election strategist, whose lobbying firm, as we reported this morning, has worked for British American Tobacco. Read more