Daily Archives: June 26, 2013

Andrew Cowie/AFP

George Osborne announces £11.5bn in cuts in the government’s latest spending review that will set the tone for the next general election. Coverage and reaction by John Aglionby and Lina Saigol.


Osborne sets off from 11 Downing St

When George Osborne announces the 2015-16 departmental cuts today in the Commons, he will also spell out some more detail about how his plans for an AME cap will work. The idea behind this is that benefit spending will be treated more like departmental spending, where it is given a set limit, and then policies are adjusted to make sure spending doesn’t go higher than this.

In reality, this is little different to what happens now, as Ian Mulheirn of the Social Market Foundation explains here. But in terms of political rhetoric, this is an important tool for Osborne to claim he is clamping down on welfare spending. Read more