Daily Archives: September 25, 2013

Ed Miliband’s comments on energy in his Labour party conference speech on Tuesday have profound implications for policy. The immediate focus will be on the suggestion of a price freeze lasting until 2017. The industry will no doubt focus on the implications of cutting profits and the question of what happens if world prices rise. Some might also suggest that a hard freeze will not only deter new investment, but also lead to some companies exiting the business with the net effect of reducing competition. Mr Miliband clearly believes there is profiteering but he has not published the evidence. The Labour leader should and there needs to be a full competition inquiry. It may well be that if there

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While Labour’s promised freeze in business rates will help many small companies in April 2015 – and plenty of large ones as well – the move will not exactly be transformational for struggling companies.

The idea that the saving (estimated at around £400) does not exactly seem enough to make a small firm take on a new member of staff on its own; contrary to briefings by Labour.

The big change that many tenants have instead been demanding is a revaluation of business rates to reflect the post-recession landscape.

The last valuation of commercial properties was at the height of the boom, since when there has been a major divergence of fortunes across the country.

Rental levels have stayed roughly the same in affluent areas – such as Mayfair retail – Read more