Daily Archives: September 26, 2013

Labour has been convulsed with in-fighting after Lord Mandelson criticised Ed Miliband’s new policies such as the plan to freeze energy prices for 20 months after the election.

The influential peer, who was one of the founders of New Labour, told the Guardian that the public perception of Labour was “in danger of being taken backwards”.

He urged the leadership to return to his “industrial activism” approach to working with companies.

But Caroline Flint, the shadow energy minister, defended the energy freeze – the most controversial element of Labour’s new package of policies.

Ms Flint, who is seen as one of the few Blairites in the shadow cabinet, also took issue with Read more

An American tech entrepreneur who survived a double lung transplant is the brains behind a new software tool which is being increasingly used by British political parties as they seek to harness the internet to win elections.

Just as the internet has transformed the way people work and shop and interact, it is now changing the way that politicians court the public for their votes.

Electoral software based on vast databases have slowly replacing the chaotic old system of strips of paper with names of voters typed out in long lines.

And the latest models are combining social media with electoral data to allow candidates to reach thousands of voters – and know whether they are genuine supporters – with more ease than ever before.

Los Angeles-based NationBuilder – set up by Jim Gilliam, whose unusual medical operation took place six years ago – is a technology start-up which hopes to become the Read more