Daily Archives: October 11, 2013

From (almost) day one I have been arguing that the reforms to Labour’s union funding were not quite the seismic shift that everyone first thought.

The reasons why are a bit convoluted but I tried to explain it in this Q&A a while back.

In essence, the trick is that the millions of pounds flowing into the unions will stay the same.

What is changing is that the percentage of that cash which then automatically goes to Labour is set to decrease – presuming that many of the 3m affiliated members don’t sign Read more

Any new graduate wanting to learn about how companies should handle tough public policy questions should study how the energy companies have responded to Ed Miliband’s proposal to freeze utility prices in his party conference speech three weeks ago. Their actions and comments have been a masterclass in how to make a difficult situation worse.

We have had a mixture of denial (“they’ll never get elected”, “he didn’t really mean it”, “the lawyers will stop him”), mindless abuse (“I don’t think people want to live under Stalinism”) and fear tactics which usually mention the prospect of the lights going out. No one in the industry has bothered to think about why Mr Miliband’s comments have proven so popular.

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