Daily Archives: October 12, 2013

State “energy and climate change” policies – including subsidies for wind farms and nuclear power stations – will add 41 per cent to the price of electricity in the UK by 2030 according to forecasts by the energy department.

Green measures including billions of pounds of subsidy for low-carbon generation will lift the price of electricity from £149 to £210 per MwH, the government’s own officials have predicted.

That forecast comes as ministers are poised to announce that they have struck a deal to guarantee the price of power from a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point for decades into the future.

The energy department has predicted that actual bills will fall by 11 per cent by 2030 as household products become more energy-efficient millions of people insulate their homes, more than offsetting the rise in green subsidies.

But critics suggest this is optimistic given the paltry take-up of the coalition’s flagship Read more