Britain’s third party looks to history - Peter Clarke for the FT
A rotten borough – FT
The Tories write off the prime minister - The FT
Clegg debate notes left in the back of a cab – The Sun
While Clegg breaks YouGov record for Lib Dems - UK Polling Report
Brown calls for a progressive alliance with Clegg – The Independent
Labour fall down a deep hole - John Rentoul in the Independent
While Clegg brands Brown as ‘desperate’ - The Telegraph
Clegg has ducked the ancient Liberal dilemma – Daniel Finkelstein in the Times
Labour cabinet split on Clegg strategy – The Guardian
Is first past the post on last legs? - Vernon Bogdanor in the Telegraph
The New Labour myth lies in tatters. We feel stupid. Along comes Clegg – Fay Weldon

Clegg: No one knows what to think – Nick Robinson for the BBC
Has Cameron passed details of proposed efficiency savings to Treasury? – The Guardian
Tribal loyalties will cap Lib Dem vote – Tom Clark
Key moments from the foreign affairs debate – Politics Home
David Cameron scraps his PEB for an expenses moment – Benedict Brogan
The Clegg phenomenon and two hung parliament scenarios – Labour List
New ICM poll has Tories 3% ahead but support for LibDems is still growing – Conservativehome
New Bingle Email Blames Bungling Tories – Guido Fawkes’ Blog

Tim Bale, a political scientist at Sussex University, speaks to FT UK news editor Sarah Neville on the difficulty of the Lib Dems breaking through despite their poll bounce.

The podcasts, which are hosted by Robert Shrimsley, will be recorded every Monday and Friday for the duration of the campaign – see the full list in the UK election podcast archive.

The FT’s Robert Shrimsley joined Clive Anderson for the BBC’s weekly election show, The Heckler.  Click here for a link to the broadcast, which is a quirky, irreverent guide to this week’s events in the general election campaign, including the first prime ministerial TV debate and the manifesto launches.

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Party leaders set to campaign in north-west ahead of tonight’s first televised leaders’ election debate in Manchester. The 90-minute programme starts at 8pm on ITV.

Elsewhere George Osborne visits an Airbus factory in Flintshire, Lord Adonis visits the international rail terminal in Kent and the Greens launch their manifesto in Brighton. Read more

On the Labour manifesto:
Britain’s Labour party banks on, er, bank regulation – The FT
Labour’s manifesto launch – Adam Boulton on Sky News
Labour is not dead yet - Michael White in The Guardian
The Labour manifesto is very Ed Miliband - Jackie Ashley in The Guardian
The Gordon Brown manifesto blends the future and the past – The Telegraph
Brown’s thin air manifesto – Peter Hoskin on Spectator Coffee House

On the election:
The welfare state is a birthright – James Purnell in The Times
Tactical voting could make this an interesting election – Lord Tebbit in The Telegraph
The power of undecideds in this election – Iain Martin in the Wall St Journal
‘Lambrini ladies’: Why the election turns them off – The Guardian

Advice to the party leaders for the TV debates from Alan Schroeder, US expert – FT
Tories plan to sell RBS stake by 2012 -  FT
Gordon Brown recites poetry to Patrick Wintour – The Guardian
The prime minister pledges not to lift income tax (no such promise on VAT) as manifesto is launched - BBC
Politicians are cheating the voters by ignoring ‘DEBT!’, says Ben Brogan – The Telegraph
Samantha Cameron ‘bored by politics’, says her mother – The Mirror

The FT’s Robert Shrimsley joined Clive Anderson yesterday for the BBC’s weekly election show, The Heckler. Click here for a link to the broadcast, in which philosopher Alain de Botton, football pundit Hunter Davies and TV soapwatcher Gareth McClean discuss the campaign so far – and look ahead to the leaders’ debate later this week.

Gershon speaks in clash of the efficiency titans – FT
Willem Buiter: Triple-A rating could be a ‘fond memory’ after election – FT
Pros and cons of celebrity endorsements for politicians – FT
Adonis pleads with Liberals to tactically vote with Labour – The Independent
Cameron: I’ll tame public sector fat cats – The Guardian
Paxman spurned by Brown and Cameron – The Guardian
Brown is endangering campaign by admitting no economic mistakes – The Guardian
The Fink Tank predicts a hung parliament – The Times
I hope the Great Ignored aren’t expecting too much from the Eton Rifles – The Telegraph
Plenty of tears as Winterton departs Commons - Paul Waugh blog

Daily agenda:

Tory savings plans are incoherent – Gerry Grimstone for the FT
Voters want change but unsure about Dave – The Times
No one has been deceived, Gordon – Simon Wolfson for the Times
Ignore Tory muzzling over Europe at your peril – The Guardian
Have a wager on high turnout – Bet of the Day for the Guardian
Tories think they’ll win majority with a five point lead – Coffee House blog
Hope springs eternal in British politics – Benedict Brogan for the Telegraph
Pity the next chancellor – Hamish McRae for the Independent
The emotional strain of interviewing Gordon – Tom Bradby for itv
Victory in campaign for election night counts – Iain Dale

Frenzies, fear and black humour – Alastair Campbell for the Guardian
The choice this time round is clear – David Beeson for Labour List
The benefits of the Conservative position – Nick Wood for Conservativehome
The great ignored – Hopi Sen
Two statements, two distinct alternatives – from Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph

Cameron’s Tories point to isolation – Gideon Rachman for the FT
Britain’s election need not be a requiem – Philip Stephens for the FT
Brown must now tell the voters why they deserve more of him – Mary Riddell for The Telegraph
13 years on, new Labour has come full circle – Rachel Sylvester for The Times
The true cost of Brown’s debt binge – Fraser Nelson for the Spectator Coffee House

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