Gordon Brown prepares for hung parliament - Jon Craig on Sky
Labour’s answer to the Lib Dem dilemma – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian
Did the move to Lib Dems predate TV debate? - Mike Smithson
Message to parties: Your slogans aren’t working – Ben Macintyre in The Times
Politics in uncharted waters – Steve Richards in The Independent
Sour Brown memories threatening Lib-Lab deal – Nick Robinson’s newslog

Investors fear effects of UK hung parliament – The FT
Cameron believes positive message will prick Lib Dem bubble – The Guardian
Who is to blame for Cameron’s debate flop? – Andrew Pierce in The Daily Mail
Put your bets on Lib Dems winning seats where they’re outsiders – Mike Smithson
Clegg has won over the uncommitted – John Curtice in The Independent
Is some volcanic toxin behind the ludicrous burst of Cleggophilia - Boris Johnson
Will Clegg prevail in the three-way race in Watford? – Michael White
Murdoch will be having Clegg nightmares - David Yelland in The Guardian
People like Clegg but not Lib Dem policy – The Sun

On the Lib Deb surge:
UK major parties attack Liberal Democrats – Jean Eaglesham in The FT
You don’t need to spin when you’re winning – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer
Clegg surge: The fightback begins – Jon Craig on Sky
Clegg nearly as popular as Churchill – The Sunday Times
The battle of the public-school boys – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times

On the election:
A radical revolt against Big Government – David Cameron in The Observer
Brown and Cameron agree to Paxman grilling - BBC
Gordon Brown and the truth – Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph

Lex on the election debate – The FT
Clegg promised the earth and got away with it – Norman Tebbit
The case for Nick Clegg – Peter Hoskin on Spectator Coffee House
The Tories need to knock out Nick Clegg - Julian Glover in The Guardian
The secret to Clegg’s success – Adam Boulton on Sky
The great debate was boring – Adrian Michaels in The Telegraph

The next must reads post will be on Sunday. For all the election news and analysis over the weekend see the FT’s election indepth.

Clegg’s night – Gideon Rachman’s blog
The rank outsider wins weird night - Matthew Engel in The FT
Clegg takes plaudits after first debate – George Parker in The FT
Man in the news: Nick Clegg – George Parker and Alex Barker in the FT
The era of two tribes is over, whoever wins – Vernon Bogdanor in The Times
Clegg won? I can’t have been listening to the same debate – Daniel Hannan
Clegg smashes through the two-party system – The Independent
The novelty of Clegg wins it for him – Fraser Nelson in Spectator Coffee House
Gladitorial battle for the modern age – Ben Macintyre in The Times
Debate verdict – Michael White in The Guardian

On the leaders’ debate:
Cameron warns of “sluggish” debate – The FT
Big match build-up – Adam Boulton on Sky
Feeling queasy – Nick Robinson’s newslog
What if it’s too boring for words – Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph

On the election:
Eddie Izzard’s PPB is awfully good – Toby Young in The Telegraph
Zac Goldsmith threatens to resign – Paul Waugh in The Evening Standard
The Green party manifeso for a low-key life – Michael White in The Guardian
The Dark Lord takes to the dancefloor – Iain Martin in the Wall St Journal

On the Lib Dem manifesto:
Lib Dems vow to “hardwire fairness” into society – Jim Pickard in the FT
Lib Dems: Ready to talk budget deficit – Nick Robinson’s newslog
Clegg trots out the liberal myths about criminals – Ed West in The Telegraph
The Nick and Vince show - Adam Boulton on Sky
Can you trust the numbers? - The Guardian

On the election:
David Cameron’s cabinet: who’s in and who’s out? – Nicholas Watt in The Guardian
Leaders’ debates: The five key questions – Robert Colville in The Telegraph
Does Gove pretend to be Adam Boulton by sticking a cushion up his shirt? – Alastair Campbell blog
Cameron runs away from Paxo – Paul Waugh in The Evening Standard

Clarke off record but on form - Jean Eaglesham in the FT
A Tory manifesto for the good times – FT
Brown a poster boy for Tories- Kiran Stacey and Dina Rickman for the FT
Tory claims on NI jobs impact under fire – Chris Giles for the FT
Cameron’s new Conservatism – Tim Montgomerie in the Guardian
This was Cameron’s flying pig manifesto - John Rentoul in the Independent
Beware politicians: the electorate are unimpressed - The Times
Does Cameron’s record show he centralises power? - Michael Crick, BBC
Learn your lessons from Kennedy vs Nixon – Andrew Marr in The Mail
Bet on Clegg to win more Lib Dem seats – Mike Smithson in The Guardian
Will this be another hovering pencil election – Paul Waugh blog

On the Tory manifesto:
All in this with Cameron? – Adam Boulton on Sky
David Cameron: You can do more with less – Ben Brogan in The Telegraph
Don’t underestimate communal politics – Gaby Hinsliff in The Guardian
Beneath the veneer of the Tories’ people power – Seumas Milne in The Guardian
The big idea competition – Spectator Coffee House
Willfully, terrifyingly, ludicrously unrealistic – Hopi Sen

On the election:
Alan Sugar gives a £400,000 donation to Labour – Reuters
UKIP is lucky that no-one takes them seriously – Christina Odone in The Telegraph
Lib Dems: Smaller bonuses, smaller city? – Robert Peston on the BBC

Brown and Cameron trapped by their party’s past – Philip Stephens in The FT
Labour lacks the will to shrink the state – FT editorial
The Labour bunker: “Not unlike a casino – but less fun” – Jim Pickard in The FT
Big state control vs march of the small platoons – Rachel Sylvester in The Times
Manifesto shows Labour haven’t given up the ghost – Bagehot’s notebook
Labour manifesto plays it safe – Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian
Show us the numbers Gordon – Institute for Fiscal Studies
Nick Clegg will win the election debates – Guido Fawkes’ blog
Big Tory swing in key regions (but Libs hold out) - Political Betting

The podcasts will be recorded every Monday and Friday for the duration of the campaign – see the full list in the UK election podcast archive.

How much of a difference does your vote make?
This campaign is too presidential - Iain Dale
Labour is reduced to a desperate call for tactical voting – Janet Daley
Back to the future – Nick Robinson
Something stupid: Labour’s first Twitter casualty? - Labour List
David Cameron has made the weather in week one of the campaign – Conservativehome

Next installment of election must reads will be publish Sunday afternoon.

British business may be selfish but labour is wrong on NI - the FT
UK election 2010: National Insurance nonsense – the FT
Another Mandy adviser backs Tory economic policy – Iain Dale’s blog
What they think they need to do – Nick Robinson’s Newslog
Norman Tebbit on Gordon Brown – the Telegraph
The battle over the paperclip vote - the Guardian

Safe and marginal seats – The Guardian
McDonald’s to the hustings: the youngest election candidate – The Guardian
The final PMQs – Iain Dale
Political reform: The key facts – Nick Robinson for the BBC

Brown so sure he will win he spends Good Friday making calls on G20 banking deal – FT
Simon Schama on the leader debates – FT
Voters remain wary as final act begins – Philip Stephens for the FT
The UK must look beyond the crisis – FT
Labour spinners caught out at the station – Guido Fawkes
Tony Blair disappears to Africa to top up his tan – The Times
Weak government may be our strongest option – Anatole Kaletsky for the Times
Election begins … and Blair slopes off on safari – The Times
Do you trust Dave, asks Danny Finkelstein – The Times
Inauthenticity, meet skewer – The Spectator
John Rentoul: I’ll back a Cameron majority of 16 – The Independent
Days of wild election pledges and perilous consensus – Simon Jenkins for The Guardian
The only thing you won’t hear in the next 30 days is the truth -Simon Heffer for The Telegraph

The Westminster blog is taking a break over Christmas and the new year and will return the week of January 4.

Happy holidays.

Brown, Cameron, and Clegg are answering questions – although separately – on diversity in parliament.

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