I was surprised to see the GMB union describing as “total bollocks” my scoop this morning.

The story revealed talks between Corus and union officials over a possible 10 per cent pay cut for the steel group’s 25,000 workers. It’s interesting because this is the kind of idea which could be followed elsewhere (FT journalists have already been handed a pay freeze for 2009). Read more

The big Labour national policy forum at Warwick in late July was supposed to pin down the party’s next manifesto. Just as “Warwick I” was agreed shortly before the last general election.

The event did have an air of stage-management about it, with unions and ministers trying to agree a deal days before anyone even arrived in the Midlands. Read more

The parallels are uncanny.

A party, in crisis after years in power, deposes the politician who has dominated domestic policy for the last decade. Read more

As early as May we were reporting some of the big demands from unions such as Unite and GMB from the Labour national policy forum – which ended yesterday.

How many did they actually get? Hardly anything, despite the OTT headlines this morning. Read more

Labour’s national executive committee are meeting again this week to revive the search for a new general secretary to replace Peter Watt - who quit last year after the David Abrahams proxy donations controversy.

On Friday the party slipped out the news that David Pitt-Watson, the City fund manager who was poised to take the job, had walked. The founder and chairman of Hermes Equity Ownership Services was concerned about potential liabilities from taking up the job at a time when Labour is about £20m in the red.   Read more