Expert panel

The podcasts will be recorded every Monday and Friday for the duration of the campaign – see the full list in the UK election podcast archive.

As part of the FT’s expert election panel, our three contributors will occasionally be giving their thoughts on the big election news story of the day. Today, we asked for their thoughts on efficiency savings and the war on cuts. Get to know our panelists in their video introductionRead more

The FT’s election panel kicked off its campaign watch today. Matthew Taylor, Tony Blair’s former policy chief, Charles Lewington, one time Conservative communications director, and Miranda Green, former press secretary to Sir Paddy Ashdown, joined me for the first of a regular series of discussions designed to guide you through the tactical minefields of the campaign. They placed their bets on the outcome and revealed the events and issues the parties will most fear as the election unfolds. You can watch the video below. Read more