It is hard not to conclude that Ed Miliband won the major clash of the day at PMQs* over the direction of NHS reform.

David Cameron cited today’s letter to the Telegraph from 42 GPs, saying they wanted what they called “evolution not revolution”.(They are all heads of recently-formed GPs’ consortia). Read more

Norman Lamb’s intervention on the NHS posed a tricky dilemma for Nick Clegg. In responding to the strong criticisms made by his closest aide, Clegg was likely to reveal his own thinking on how to fix NHS reforms.

Yet, if you read the papers today, you’ll see two very different interpretations of what Clegg wants. The clashing theories go something like this: Read more

The Guardian splashed this morning on Andrew Lansley’s plans to abolish the Food Standards Agency, sparking accusations from health charities that he had “caved in to big business”. The FSA had been fighting a battle with the food industry over the introduction of colour-coded “traffic light” warnings for groceries and snacks.

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