Sir Ian Kennedy, head of Ipsa

Sir Ian Kennedy, head of Ipsa

When they said that Ipsa was all about taking the politics out of MPs pay they weren’t joking: the independent body has come up with a set of proposals that look sensible on paper but lack political judgment.

The bit that is making headlines – predictably – is that pay will rise by 9.7 per cent in 2015 to £74,000. After that it would go up in line with national wage inflation.

That salary proposal alone would cost an extra £4.6m.

What many people won’t notice is that the other recommendations from Read more

The new expenses body for MPs put out a release this evening saying it would relent on two fronts after pressure from all sides:

1] MPs will no longer automatically have to pay 15 per cent of their phone bills out of their own pockets. Yet – and this could be more of a pain – they will have to separate their private/political calls from work ones. Read more