Ken Livingstone

The week did not start well for Boris Johnson, filmed wandering around Clapham beset by angry heckling middle class voters. Was it the moment that BoJo lost his shine, as Kiran suggested a few days ago?

Friends of the London mayor admit that he was caught on the hop, holidaying with his family on the west coast of the USA, some 300 miles from the nearest airport. On returning to Britain, his Clapham walkabout was not his greatest moment. Read more

It’s a contest that has been overshadowed by the main Labour leadership race. Even so, worth noting that Labour’s next challenger for London mayor is going to be Ken Livingstone. The result was announced 30 seconds ago by Harriet Harman. I’m not sure that Boris Johnson will be kept sleepless by the news, given that his popularity remains pretty high.

For all Ken’s qualities he is likely to be seen as yesterday’s man. (The 65-year old was mayor from 2000 to 2008 and first joined Lambeth Borough Council in 1971.) Read more