Paul Waugh has a fine example of some entertaining Lib Dem hypocrisy campaigning. But I think I can trump that leaflet with this highly creative edition of “Labour News”, which landed on my doormat in Oval. You’re not imagining things, the balaclava clad burglar is indeed carrying a Lib Dem swag bag. The tag line is that the “Lib Dems are ALWAYS soft on crime”. But aren’t they just stealing the election?

A little sample from Matthew Hancock’s election literature in West Suffolk. You’ll notice that he’s modest enough not to mention his time working as George Osborne’s chief of staff. A remarkable show of restraint.

Has a Labour leader ever been so absent from his party’s election literature?

A fine piece of work by Kiran Stacey and Dina Rickman has shown that just one in eight Labour leaflets actually mention the prime minister. Forget the man of granite, in this ground campaign Brown is the invisible man. Read more