Lord Green

Kiran Stacey

Lord Green

Lord Green has written to Chris Leslie, Labour’s shadow treasury minister, to give his first response to allegations that HSBC allowed Mexican drug gangs to use the bank to launder their money while he was chairman.

Borrowing a phrase from George Osborne, Labour insisted Lord Green had “questions to answer” over what and when he knew about the allegations. Lord Green is in no mood to answer those questions however. In his letter, he says:

Thank you for your letter of 21 July, regarding the recent Senate Subcommittee investigation into HSBC.


Elizabeth Rigby

After painful months of matchmaking UKTI have officially announced which ministers will be paired with whom as the trade promotion body looks to inject a litle more commerical prowess into Whitehall.

The scheme pairs top exporters and inward investors with key ministers to make sure that special companies are well looked after. So far six ministers – spread between business, energy and media departments – have been appointed abassadorial roles with 38 companies between them. Jeremy Hunt is getting Microsoft, Google and Facebook, while Vince Cable with look after manufacturer Tata and the oil giants.

The scheme is designed to give key companies a “seamless ‘one-stop’ service in their dealings with Whitehall. It would well be worth an audit in a few months time to see if Lord Green’s scheme lives up to the billing. Expect more ministers and companies to get involved in the coming months as Lord Green extends the scheme.