Royal Family

David Cameron really is trying to push this female friendly line.

On the eve of his ‘Women in Business’ event at Downing Street, and less than 48 hours after his announcement that he is going to make forced marriages illegal, the prime minister is now pushing plans to change rules on royal succession. Read more

George Osborne has just announced that, for the first time since 1760, the royal household will be paid not by a set grant from the government but through a proportion (15 per cent) of the net revenue of the crown estate.

It is a change Prince Charles has been campaigning for for years, and if the crown estate has a good year, could provide a bumper pay out for the royal family. Read more

The Queen and Prince Charles have made their debut in the Wikileak files.

A dispatch from a US diplomat notes that the next British monarch will not necessarily be the next head of the Commonwealth. Apparently there are no rules on succession. Should Charles become the next King, he could in theory face a Commonwealth leadership challenge. Read more