The Third Man

Incidentally, we said on Friday that Mandy’s publisher had not taken out any adverts; true enough. That hasn’t stopped the Times – which is serialising the memoirs – from doing its own TV ad. Shades of Professor Snape?

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Tonight’s big story had looked set to be Lord Mandelson’s big interview in the Times - ahead of the serialisation of his memoirs next week in that newspaper.

But his interview with Ginny Dougary – an attempt to get under the skin of the peer – does not seem to have been a huge success; judging by her own comments. At one point she describes his “abhorrence of laying himself bare.”

Elsewhere she suggests that his manners are “not all that brilliant” after he ignores her coughing fit. When she compliments him on his “amazing house” he replies defensively: “In what way, ‘amazing’?” Read more