UK politics

Pre-budget report to be ditched – FT
CBI warns over university cuts – FT
Pickles and Cable calm business fears over RDA replacements – FT
A Heathite lurks behind the Big Society – Tristram Hunt, FT
Met could reopen phone hacking case – The Independent/PA
Yates: Met will look at fresh phone-hacking evidence – Guardian
Gove wants baccalaureate for England – Guardian
Gulf widens in leadership battle between Milibands – The Times (£)
Lib Dems ‘biggest losers in boundary dispute’ – The TImes (£)
Dannatt fury at MoD – The Telegraph

As Britain’s largest union Unite should have considerable influence over the leadership contest; unions make up a third of the total voting. Although unions don’t have single bloc votes they can tell members who they favour.

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