United Nations

Hillary Clinton yesterday signalled that a no-fly zone in Libya should be led by the UN rather than by the US. (“I think it’s very important that it is not a US-led effort because this comes from the people of Libya themselves…We think it is important that the United Nations make that decision.”) The secretary of state clearly does not want it to look as if the US is flexing its muscles unilaterally once again.

The British position is slightly more subtle, however. As the Downing St spokesman said this morning at lobby: “Our position is as set out by the foreign secretary statement; it said we needed international support , a clear trigger and an appropriate legal basis.“ Read more

They said Clegg was the new Obama. But when set against the real thing, well, he didn’t quite live up to the billing.

Clegg should be proud that his United Nations speech won a mention in the White House “pool report”, which is sent to dozens of US news outlets. Read more