Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Andrew Hill

The appointment of Banesto’s chief executive Ana Patricia Botín as chief executive of Santander UK, the big Spanish bank’s British arm, will put one of Spain – and Europe’s – top businesswomen under even more scrutiny. As the FT’s Madrid correspondent Victor Mallet writes

The 50-year-old daughter of Emilio Botín, Santander’s veteran executive chairman, is regarded among Spanish bankers as the heiress apparent who will run the eurozone’s biggest banking group by market capitalisation when her father finally retires.

For Botín, that “heiress” tag is double-edged. Leslie Crawford, then Madrid correspondent, wrote about the bank executive in 2005. She first met her in Mexico in the 1990s and described her as “the very model of a modern female conquistador”. (more…)

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