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Liz Bolshaw

A new research study commissioned by the Fatherhood Institute, a think-tank, has compared and ranked 21 countries in a new fairness in families index. (more…)

Andrew Hill

The latest excellent Cranfield University School of Management report on women on UK boards draws attention to a specific problem: that stricter vetting of candidates to become directors of banks may work against the aim of improving gender balance.

If a premium is placed on banking expertise above all else, and fewer women than men have such expertise, the old Catch-22 of directorship will apply – you can’t join this board because you don’t have experience, but you won’t get experience without joining a board. (more…)

Liz Bolshaw

The annual Female FTSE Board Report by Cranfield University School of Management is published today and shows almost no improvement in women’s participation at board level in the UK’s top 100 companies. (more…)

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