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My first job out of college was as a news clerk at The New York Times in Washington, DC. It was entirely unglamorous. My duties included sorting the newsroom’s mail, answering phones and ordering take-out pizza for reporters stuck on deadline. (more…)

Liz Bolshaw

Off-air gaffes are often revealing. Former US president George W. Bush’s “Yo Blair” spoke volumes about the relationship between the two premiers. Former British prime minister Gordon Brown’s peevish remarks about a Rochdale voter – whom he called a “bigoted woman” – created a media storm at the nadir of Labour’s lacklustre election campaign last year; and Prince Charles’s description of royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell as “that awful man” communicated all too clearly his views of the British press. Any comment, however sotto voce, near a microphone should always be viewed with extreme caution. (more…)

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